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Spirella - Fresh Mozzarella Prosciutto and Basil

Why King Cheese Products

Cheese serves as the best delicacy snack for a dinner party, a friendly gathering, or just when you want to relax with a simple snack. With great tasting cheese, you, your family and friends can enjoy each other’s company

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King of Meats

King Of Meats

Meat and cheese the best combination when it comes to taste. King Cheese has the best meat rolls already packaged and ready to eat. They are a favorite for parties and family gatherings.

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Pepperoni rolls on a cutting board

About Us

Dating all the way back to the late 1970s, The Aghchikian family has invested their time and knowledge in providing the best quality cheese. King Cheese offers a variety of cheeses including the famous Armenian String Cheese.

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The proof is in the cheese

King Cheese Inc. endeavors to provide every single customer with the best tasting cheese.


You can find King Cheese products at these marketing throughout the United States.

Vic in Las Vegas at the 2023 Fancy Food Show with his vendor from Casale.

Vic and one of his vendors pictured behind glass case of cheeses

Our Cheese is made right here in America.