King Cheese


King Cheese Inc. endeavors to provide every single customer with the best tasting cheese. With the specialty cheeses King Cheese offers such as, Armenian String Cheese, Mozzarella, Smoked Cheese, and many more, we seek to provide our consumers with cheeses that fulfill their wants and needs. Not only do we pursue to make the best quality cheese, but to expand the company into greater horizons. With the innovative ideas provided by the children of the founders, King Cheese will grow and create products that will carry on the line of specialty cheeses.

King Cheese


Our vision is to build a strong community and to bring culture in everyday lives. With our Armenian String Cheese we seek to deliver a sense of Armenian culture to the general public. Along with our various quality cheeses, meats, and yogurt we strive to build strong relationships among our customers and to gratify their desires and moods when it comes to the different types of products they want.

King Cheese

Corporate Philosophy

We are a family business with strong principles in which we learn to listen, respect, and work together. We create a strong environment in our family that will translate into our business. Our customers are our family and we care about each and every one.