King Cheese

History of the Aghchikian Family

The history of the King Armenian string cheese dates back to the late 1970’s when one of the owners had managed, supervised and mastered the art of cheese making at a plant in Rockland County, New York. A few years later George and Rose Aghchikian decided to open up their own business known as Victor’s Cheese and Deli in Palisades Pkwy, New Jersey. They made a variety of cheeses, such as the famous Armenian String Cheese, Mozzarella, Smoked Cheese, and special Cheese Wraps. In 1986 the owners decided to sell the business, which still is in existence today and move to California. Due to the increase in demand, King Cheese Inc. decided to specialize only in the Armenian String Cheese. However, with the recent move to a larger facility, King Cheese has re-introduced many of the earlier specialty cheese products.

Currently, the business is being managed by the Aghchikian family. Children of the founders, Vic, Talin, and Lena have brought many of their innovative ideas to the ever-growing line of specialty cheeses.